Give Me 5 Minutes, I'll Tell You the Truth to Know If Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Cheating!

How Do You Know If Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Is Cheating?

How Do You Know If Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Is Cheating?

Basically this is something everyone will want to know but everyone already does know how it’s just that sometimes we don't want to accept the truth and pretend to see nothing. This, is especially why we get heartbroken, we see things way too early to find a solution but play dumb until we are hurt.

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Here are some things that can really show you’re being cheated on by your partner.

1. If he is cheating and doesn't love you anymore;

He won't have much affection to you as before

He won't pick-up your calls often

His schedule will keep on changing regarding the time he gives you

He will start having secret calls or texts (calls he can't pick-up in your presence)

He will have excuses whenever you get to conversations regarding your relationship

He will start finding faults in everything you do

He will start having short temper for no good reasons

He won't want you in terms of intimacy as much as he did before

He will always not appreciate anything you do

He won't have time to do things he you used to do together or may not even like them anymore

He will start thinking of a breakup whenever you have an argument

He will always want you away from him

He won't like the same things he liked before

He will not do for you the things he used to do for you before

If he is cheating and doesn't love you anymore

2. If he cheated but still loves you;

He will always ask you not to leave him even if you find out he is not really what you thought he is

He will give you more time than usual

He will always apologize out of the blue

He will always want to make you more happy than usual

He won't want you to know about his past or get into deep conversations with his friends

At last, he will confess and apologize

However, don’t judge whether a man is cheating or not by his good deeds sometimes they are just too good to be real, but not whoever is too good is not real.

If he cheated but still loves you

3. If she is cheating and doesn't love you; 

She won't show any interest in you

She won't pick-up your calls

She will always have an excuse for not seeing you

She will clearly show her insatisfaction when you talk to her

She won't want to be intimate with you

She will always find small things to quarrel for

She will always want to breakup whenever you get small arguments

She won't have affection towards you

She will always compare you to other men

She won't like the things she used to like before

She will talk to you less than usual

You can also refer others signs from a man who cheats but loves you as for some are similar

If she is cheating and doesn't love you

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4. If she cheated but still loves you;

She will confess and apologize frequently. If she is cheating and doesn't love you

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