Check Out How To Access Social media Or the Internet Freely.

Ways How To Access Social media Freely.

Social media has far off become an addiction to many individuals bit celebrities, teens or adults etc.

Various Social media platforms giving out chatting, messaging, media sharing and several other options have emerged over the years while others are of recent induction.

Icon social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, telegram, Twitter, viber, imo etc. tend to possess quite a number of user data and information in their servers.

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Of recent, an incident that many termed as the Global Outage occurred, this was a sudden outage that involved all Facebook related Platforms going mute. Many users were left stranded as they noticed sudden unexpected errors in attempt to access social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, messenger and other Facebook family applications. The reasons for the Global Outage were posted in one of the posts on our site.

If social media was a drug, then I guess we all addicts to this phenomenon, as some people can’t spend even a single week, day or an hour without checking their respective media handles/platforms. How addictive could this further more happen!!!

Well truth revealed, everyone loves social media for various reasons, mean business, exploring new ventures, news feeds, family and  friendship connecting, entertainment etc. However there are certain factors that influence many people’s social media  attendance (absence), and some of these mainly involve;

Data challenges

Let’s say you have a smartphone or any other device able to access the internet but then no data/internet bundles, you surely won’t be able to access your desire social media platforms at zero data.

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Network factor

As we all know for one to access their social media platforms, he/she must have granted internet access. Now here comes an issue when one is out stuck in an area with low or bad network, this will obviously affect one’s social media presence or experience.

 Hardware/device compatibility

For you to enjoy your favorite social media platforms, you must at least have a compatible device to use throughout this experience. If one wants to let me say enjoy a social media platform like Instagram or TikTok, but this individual has a gadget with a very low or an outdated version of software that doesn’t quite support the given /desire media platform. Then this person will surely be left out on such media experience.

Well as not being sure that the above are the only factors influencing many users’ social media absence, let get on a few ways how one can access some social media platforms freely hence solving the factor of data challenges. And these various ways are namely as below;

1. Using MTN sim cards.

MTN refers to Mobile Telephone Network which is a South African located multinational mobile telecom organization. MTN is widely established many African countries which also include Uganda.

Now about how to access social media freely, having an MTN sim card might simply be the tip of the game and a pillar of great help, as one can easily access social media platforms like Telegram, Ayoba(MTN owned social media platform) and WhatsApp on some phones with totally zero data bundles. How awesome is that, Big ups to MTN!

If you’re out there experiencing data challenges, Hey! Its time you stepped out of the lane and gabbed your MTN sim card today.

2. Using Public Wi-Fi.

We have all used or heard of Wi-Fi before, but then what is Wi-Fi? To know more, please follow our site to be updated with the latest posts, I will make a more detailed article about What Wi-Fi is and How it works.

For now all we shall know is Wi-Fi is a short form of Wireless Fidelity, specifically public Wi-Fi is wireless Local Area Network found in public places like the airport, hotels, bars, casinos etc. for public users to access the internet.

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 3. Using Free Internet Apps

The era of free internet rose, now days its quite easier for one to access the internet without any running data bundles, this is done with the assist of several apps develop under various protocols to grant free internet usage. Many of these free internet apps are embedded with V2Ray features, tunneling properties etc. Some of these apps like Ha tunnel plus, HTTP Injector, HTTP Custom, 24 Clan VPN, NamelessnetX, BifrostV, NapsternetV, etc may require a host or configuration to run well as others like Droid VPN, Worst VPN, Wire TUN, Kuto VPN, 3X VPN, Mango VPN etc are well embedded with servers together with different protocols to perform minus the need of configuration files. Check out our site for more posts regarding free internet Applications.   

4. Using Airtel Free Data.

Airtel (Bharti Airtel Limited) is an Indian, New Delhi based multinational telecom resource organization. Airtel runs in 18 countries throughout Africa and Asia.  When you possess an Airtel sim card, you not only enjoy services such calling and texting but also get rewarded with free data worth 20mbs every month. Yeah! 20mbs, at this moment you’re now like ‘’20mbs are so little’’ which is very true, but let’s say you are really running out of data in a time when the only available means of loading more data is by getting online. Then these so called Airtel free 20mbs would do the save.  To get the Airtel free 20mbs dial *175*20# (this code works of those in Uganda).


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