How Do I Make A Long Distance Relationship Work? Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These 9 Tips.

Long Distance Relationship

How Do I Make A Long Distance Relationship Work?

  First and foremost, a long distance relationship is a romantic relationship between two people who live far apart, and so are unable to meet frequently. The question here is, Can long distance relationships really work?

Yes, Long-distance relationships can work; many couples who've survived long periods in such relationships can testify to that, though definitely not all of course. But there is a particular set of issues that you'll need to address so as to maintain that spark. Before we get to the things you have to do, you should keep it at the back of your head that distance doesn't matter, it’s the space that a person holds in your heart that matters.

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Besides that, here are some things you need to put in action to make a long-distance Relationship work;

1. Have Adjustable Expectations.

Have Adjustable Expectations.

Being apart for a long time from someone you love makes you want to at least talk to them all the time, but this should not make you forget the two of you have different schedules and don't get pissed if he or she doesn't talk to you more frequently as you expected. However, one should keep in touch with his or her partner whenever they are able to.

2. Fix Time for Each Other.

Fix Time for Each Other.

You should always have time for your partner in your schedule, however much busy it may be. This helps your partner to know that you always think about them even when they are far from you. Always have time to call, text or check on them whenever you can.

3. Connect Don’t Just Talk

Connect Don’t Just Talk

This is more of being free and open to each other. Talk about how your day has gone, talk about anything that makes you feel closer to that person. Make the conversation as deep as knowing how good it would be being with that person at that time. You can advise each other or console each other on what's bothering you in different ways. Flirting all the time will rather make you bored than such conversations. Perhaps it's a really good chance to know each other.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Be "Extra."

Don't Be Afraid To Be "Extra."

The challenges experienced in a long-distance relationship often mirror the challenges faced in a long-term relationship, it takes extra effort to keep the intimacy going.

Everything you usually do in a relationship make sure to do it extra. Practice extra-good communication and give them extra attention, sweetness, and thoughtfulness. Considering all the distance between you, you should always be going the extra mile, figuratively.

5. Make Abrupt Surprises

Make Abrupt Surprises

Well, I know this is hard for someone at a far distance, but it’s quite easy if you are really connected to that person. Surprises aren't all about buying gifts or preparing dates. You can surprise your partner with a call just to ask if they are fine or if they have eaten and that will really make them know you care. Imagine you had a long day and somebody calls you just to say they love you. Isn't that really romantic and relieving. However far they are, at least they show they still care.

6. Feel Free To Express your Longing.

Feel Free To Express your Longing.

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder and who doesn't want to hear that they are valued and missed? Use the fuel of longing that a long-distance relationship generates. There is an ache that we experience when we are apart from our loved ones and expressing that ache brings deeper closeness. Don't be ashamed of your feelings of need and desire to be together. Expressing them will bring the two of you so much closer.

7. Create your Own Relationship Bucket List

Create your Own Relationship Bucket List

This will definitely keep you going because you will have goals you want to achieve in a relationship and you can't just give up before they are accomplished. Briefly make a list of things you look forward to having or doing once you meet the person you love again.

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8. Share Flirty Texts.

Share Flirty Texts.

It’s always nice to remind each other you still view them in a romantic light. Whether you primarily use words, photos, or emojis, doesn't matter as much as purely engaging in it. The point is to simply communicate to your partner, through your actions. Your partner doesn't have to feel like he or she is talking to a family relative or a sister or brother when talking to you and this is what will make your conversations going. Make them laugh or horny sometimes especially if you really know each other that much.

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 9. Respect your Time Together.

Respect your Time Together.

Having had a lot of time of conversation, the two of you should really be understanding or even knowing each other more especially things you like and dislike. When you get the chance to talk on a call or even if you meet once in a while, try not to share your attention with anything other than your partner. Don't check your phone, don't look at girls passing by, if it’s a call then don't type while talking to him or her and don't pretend you are too busy to have some few minutes to talk to the person you love. There’s no such thing as free time, we all just create time to do something. Thus, create time for your partner alone.

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