5 Approved Tips On How To Make Or Have A Happy and Successful Relationship.

How To Make A Happy and Successful Relationship

Everybody wants a happy and long lasting type of relationship but a few can bare what comes with it, yet there is no such thing as nothing for something, therefore everything comes with a price to pay.

Here are 5 things you need to keep at the back of your mind and practice if you want a happy and successful relationship;

How To Make Or Have A Happy and Successful Relationship.

1. Love

How To Make A Happy and Successful Relationship

We all know without love there is no relationship and thus both of you should be loving each other. I am sure there is that time that comes when two partners feel like they are really losing interest I each other, but its normal and it does happen sometimes when you stay with someone for so long as you get used to them. More so, let’s say your partner did nothing wrong, then it’s not that you stopped loving them, you are just at a dormant stage. You know love has three stages; the fun start stage, the normal stage and the boring end or the heartbreak stage.

Here the first stage is for everyone. Every time you start a relationship, you get that kind of spark which is fun and full of great happy memories. During that time, you can't spend even a single day without seeing or talking to the person you love. Then the second stage is when everything turns to normal. During this time, you can survive a day or two without seeing your loved one, you can as well remain okay even spending a week or two without seeing him or her. At the second stage, this is where you start disliking or hating the things you used to like about that person at first. So then the third stage is determined by the second stage, you either stay together in such a way that your love is dormant, but there are a lot of other things keeping you together or you decide to chill each other and breakup for something new or a single life. And that’s the heartbreak stage.

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All you should know, love doesn't end, you can still love that particular person but still leave him or her because you no longer love them now as much as you did back then or maybe you now love somebody else more than you love them. And here are some of the things that can keep you together even when the love becomes dormant, things like; (2) Loyalty.

2. Loyalty


This is something really hard for anyone, perhaps everyone and those who are able to take it on are really kings and queens who deserve the whole world.

Well loyalty is something everyone wishes to have in his or her relationship but a few can handle because we all deal differently with temptations and all tested differently with different situations. Nobody cheats because they want its some sort of temptation that happens at a certain situation where you think what you’re doing isn't bad at all until you get back your senses. Well for men, most cheat because they are greedy, tempted and may be because their partners are not giving them enough of what they want. And also especially because there's a woman out there willing to cheat with him.

To women, its almost the same thing though different at some point because women are picky on who they sleep with though they can still cheat for income purposes, for more sexual pleasure/satisfaction, and sometimes temptation though women are less tempted by men they don’t love unlike men. However, mistakes are for all human beings, we all do wrong and all tempted, but if somebody loves you for sure they will try their level best to be loyal and when they are tempted for a case of a man, if he loves you, he will tell you and if he doesn't then he will keep it to himself and keep on with it. And for the case of a woman, if she loves you, she will tell you about it and if she doesn't love you, she will still tell you but in a joking way.

Despite each and everything, everyone wants a loyal partner so the basis tip is to be loyal and avoid temptations, however in case you are tempted, then (3) Say Sorry/Apologize.

3. Say Sorry/Apologize

How To Make A Happy and Successful Relationship

This doesn't only apply to when you cheat but it’s something anyone must have to get used to. It’s some sort of moral tip but it does break many hearts, make people lose their loved ones, makes relationships to end and messes up a lot of things elsewhere and I don’t want you to be a victim of all these after reading this article.

 Sorry doesn't make you lose anything by saying it. Now I know a man out there is going to say he will lose his pride, but how about this? Are you ready to lose your pride for someone you really love or you’re ready to lose the one you love for your pride!? That’s your assignment you can decide to think about it.

In other words apologizing doesn't really mean you should always be in wrong because in a relationship it’s all about "us" not "you" or "me" hope you all understand this. It’s the part of life where you have to leave alone what society thinks about you and think about what the person you loving thinks about you. If somebody can't say sorry when they wrong, then say it even when you did nothing. Eventually they will sit back alone, realize how much they messed up, how much they hurt you and how irresponsible of them it was to let you apologize for something they did. Believe me or not, that guilt will haunt them and they will have to change. I always say this because I believe when somebody isn’t nice to me, I be better to them and by all means the guilt haunts them until they find no reason not to be nice so instead of fighting with somebody or keeping away from someone because they didn't say sorry is not a solution in a relationship. It’s rather going to break your relationship than fixing it. Thus apologizing when you are wrong or not, that is the only way to teach your partner to apologize too. And when your partner apologizes please find it to please (4) Forgive Each Other.

4. Forgive Each Other

How To Make A Happy and Successful Relationship

I always tell my friends, when there is anything wrong between two people in love, it is sometimes better to leave them sort it out both. This is because we the onlookers don’t really seem to understand things in their perspective, we go on and relate their problems with how we would handle them if it were us forgetting that it’s not really us and we can't actually feel the way these two feel for each other.

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For instance, if a man cheats in a relationship, am sure every girl or woman would first think of leaving the man, she would start thinking how the man doesn't love her anymore and the worst thing about women is they don’t know what to share and what not to share with their girlfriends. Secondly, they rarely listen when in anger and usually make bad decisions that they would regret in the end. This is all due to the peer influence and bad advice they get from friends, but besides the female gender, men also do similar shit when angry. However, the difference is men don’t think of sending somebody off as soon as they are angry unlike women. And, men don’t usually discuss their problems with just anyone. The core of this is that we all wrong and we all make mistakes regardless of the gender or age or whatsoever we are all human beings thus forgiving should also be part of us. Chucking somebody is not going to solve anything but forgiving gives another chance for somebody to change. And if the change is slow or if someone you love isn't perfect as we all know nobody is perfect then there is that small thing you need which is; (5) Tolerance.

5. Tolerance

How To Make A Happy and Successful Relationship

This calls for a lot of patience and understanding of each other. It fails most people especially women. Most women leave men because of some simple facts that can actually be changed, but because they think they can't tolerate them anymore.

For example, broke men. Well I know we all want luxurious and lavish lifestyles plus lots of expensive stuff but not everyone can afford this kind of life.

However, it’s not that some work more hard than the others, not about hard work as some work hard and still be poor well as others work little and are well off. In addition, even the rich started off with nothing meaning everything is just made and even those who started with something like those born in rich families or inherited wealth, still their great grandparents started with nothing and were once poor. This implies that money comes and goes, it is not a medium to determine who to love and who not to love. Besides money, there are some habits we should learn to tolerate in order to make relationships work, if you hate something about the person you love, shouting at them or keeping it to yourself won't help. How about you find a nicer way to inspire that person to change. If you tell them politely and they fail, then try with them because everyone is flexible to change but it depends on how you inspire them to change. If am to say; when your woman isn’t tidy/organized enough or maybe she is dirty and irresponsible, shouting at her won't make her wakeup the following day opposite from what she has always been. Perhaps tolerate for a meantime as you help her change. If work is too much for her, hire a maid, tell her how you love your bed laid in white sheets, how you wish to make love with her in organized/neat places, tell her how you love seeing her bathed and in nice clothes, if she doesn't have them, then buy her some. And trust the process, she won't change immediately, but with time she will learn to adjust.

In case you put all the above elements in action, you'll come back and thank me.

Thank you
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