Believing These 6 Myths About Things Men And Women Don’t Have In Common Keeps You From Growing.

Things Men And Women Don’t Have In Common

Things Men And Women Don’t Have In Common 

Well we all know men and women are physically not similar at all, but here we are not going to talk about things like women have breasts while men have arbs, No We definitely not going to look at that. Here are some interests that men and women don't have in common;

1. Football or sports

Football or sports

This is way too obvious that it's a man thing. Well am not biasing or saying it should specifically be a man thing but according to the society we live in, men are more into soccer or football, perhaps sports in particular. It has nothing to do with time or interests but it is naturally okay for a man to like sports or a woman to dislike them.

This is always seen even with men who are rich and have fixed schedules, they will still find that time to enjoy sports and will never lose the interests unlike girls who are just forced to watch it because their loved ones are watching it or because they don’t want to be rude.

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2. Colours


Uhmmm, this too is a biological incidence. Men are more into dark, dull or unattractive or perhaps complicated colours whereas women are more into bright, attractive, shiny, pleasant and sharp colours. Am really not offending men because to their view their colours are actually good to them and they are entitled to their opinion.  Biologically, it is said that women perceive a lot more colours than men and it’s also basically known that women are creatures that love being recognized and neat so no wander their interests.

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3. Friendship


Nobody doesn't know the difference here. If you don't, then you haven’t had friends of both genders yet, but if you did you should be knowing what am talking about. Men can have friends they love and not even mind how they are for a long time but still love them. They can actually spend a lot of time without seeing each other and when they meet again, they still act like they have seen each other lately. Unlike women, when a lady is your friend, she wants you to meet more often, talk more, and tell her everything about you. Trust me about this, if you ever spend a week without talking to a girlfriend and she doesn't tell you how you chucked her or how you don’t have her time, you can come back and do anything you want to me. Besides that women have these friendship ties of actually not love but they have friends who are their friends simply because they are of the same class, may be they help them at work, they have cute siblings, or they want something from them, or even because they are close to their friends or partners and they don't want to lose connection.

4. Love


Well men's love is way too different from women's love.

Women's love is delicate, sweet, romantic, warming, heartfelt, soothing, special and real but naturally you should not expect the same from a man. Men are different, their love is typically described in three P’s; profess, provide and protect. That's all for a man, he does that and you still demand, then he’s going to think your unappreciative. However I would not blame them because it's their nature, they were created that way. If he loves you, he won't fear to tell and show everyone that you are his partner and he won't mind introducing you to friends or relatives, depending on the society and his age. If he loves you he will make sure he provides for you whenever or in whatever way he can. It doesn't mean because you have a boyfriend at 16, he must buy you an iPhone 13 Pro Max, give you data, and buy you expensive things. No darling, it always depends on his capacity, if he tries what he can then he loves you.

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5. Excitement/happiness


We all deal with excitement or happiness in a different way, but when it comes to gender, it is really so different. When a man is happy, he will show it by smiling, laughing or even saying it. But when a woman is happy, she will jump, laugh, hug you and even cry or sing. When it comes to this gender, it’s really so dramatic and fun. When men who are old friends meet again, they will touch hands and simply say long time. But when women who are old friends meet, they hug, cry, talk about everything, gossip, shout and everything else you can imagine. Am offending no one though it’s just nature.

6. Dealing with problems

Dealing with problems

Well women go too far with this because they are naturally emotional and delicate. They need a lot of care, attention and company in such times, and not getting them makes they more depressed. Though with men, when they have problems, they actually first think of how to overcome it before they even think of how it came about. He can have problems and still not show anyone. There are also women who can do the same, be strong when they have problems and there are also men who can't act manly with problems but the majority takes the first opinion.

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