Unusual and Weird Tips to Kill Boredom

Weird Tips to Kill Boredom

You ever get bored and have no idea on what and how to kill that boredom or maybe you are that introverted kind of person who doesn't have many friends? Well, you are covered in this article with unusual and weird tips on how to surmount that boredom and you don't need much to follow them.

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1. Text Random People

Text Random People

Sometimes you are on social media platforms and it seems like you have scrolled through enough boring posts and videos. Before you close up your social media apps and complain about boredom, why not text some random people and see the outcome. Yes, some may ignore but others may reply and you may actually pick up a strong vibe along the way and who knows, you may get yourself the "love of your life or a good friend"

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2. Randomly Dance to Any Song

Randomly Dance to Any Song

Why get bored when you have music playing but without a dancer. Become your own dancer. It doesn't matter if you know how to dance or not as long as you have fun doing it. Just choose a random song from your Playlist and dance to it, who knows. Perhaps you could discover yourself a new dance move.

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3. Go Through Your Phone Gallery

So you have probably scrolled through all your social media apps and maybe even gone to YouTube but still nothing seems to be arousing your mood? Well, at this point why not go through your phone gallery. Scroll through all photos, delete some of the useless ones. Maybe hide the offensive ones and along the way you might laugh at some old memes or funny videos that you saved, you might find that one image or video you don't recall saving.

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4. Take A Walk As You’re Listening to Music

Take A Walk As You’re Listening to Music

This is surely one of the best ways to kill boredom. Simply grab your headsets or earphones, tune on your music and go for a walk. By doing this, you feel like you are in a world of your own as well as exercising. You might also see a few interesting things on the way or maybe meet that one friend you haven't talked to in a while.

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5. Search About Random Topics on the Internet

There is always that prickly question on the back of your mind that you certainly need an answer to, but you don't have one. Great, the perfect time to get an answer to that question is when you are bored. This is because you probably have enough time and the brain tends to come up with lots of random things at this point. So, why not ask that puerile question that you need an answer to from the internet? Mr. Google sir tends to have all answers. You will be startled at how many trivial answers you will get in your search results upon asking that uncanny question.

6. Pull Your Beard

Pull Your Beard

This is one way to relax your mind when bored. It is calming and gives a good sensation of relaxation and also it is one way to focus when thinking about something. I know most of you actually have done this before.

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7. Randomly Install Apps from the AppleStore or PlayStore

Most of you will wonder why someone would in point of fact do this, but this is essentially a good way to kill boredom. Just get your phone, go to the apple store or playstore and search for apps in random categories, trust me you will be surprised to find amazing apps and entertaining as well that you probably never heard of.


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