Is It Fine Having A Stingy Man??

Is It Fine Having A Stingy Man??
Women say they hate stingy men. Whereas men also state they hate women for being so much into money in a relationship.

Why? How? And when? Follow to know more. Well this statement would be true, to say that all women love money, but it will then make us wonder, who did these stingy men eventually marry? However, the fact that they are out there and have happy on-going relationships proves that we got the whole point wrong. There's that hidden secret we all don’t know about.

       What's interesting is that we all say men are the same and so do men say women are the same. Does this imply all women love money and all men are stingy? No it doesn't. It is indeed a myth that has no proof of origin but has made many people make wrong decisions and miss out on their soulmates because of mistrust and comparison.

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 Men hate women who are only interested in their money and women hate men who do not want to spend money on them. First and foremost, as we all know men are naturally responsible to take care of their partners in any way they can, thus is a religious, social and moral fact that everyone knows. This should not mean a woman should not work. It's really okay for a woman to work, but as far as she has a man in her life, she is rightfully under his provision.

Talking about this, some women take it beyond measure by making men their out lookers on everything even when men can't afford it. In other ward, some women tend to look at men as their source of income rather than their lovers and hence this is one of the reasons men incline to become stingy because for they don't mind spending on women they love but women become rather attracted to their money other than them. Perhaps, some men are really just low on income and women judge them to be stingy when they fail to satisfy women's expenditure needs or desires, but this usually happens if a woman does not like you. A woman who loves you will understand when you have and even when you do not have.

However, this is not to defend men because that’s not the main cause of being stingy. Some men were actually born stingy I should say or maybe that's a rude thing to state, but some men are really stingy by nature. Some men can have money and still be stingy in such a way that they can't even look after themselves in a proper manner or entertain any form of luxury. Such men are hard to deal with, but as we all know everything is just learnt and nobody can't change. If you do have a stingy man, resent to changing him to a better one as also considering the way you appeal to him when you need money. Some women take it too far by asking for money in a rude, unpolitic or demanding manner. This really upsets men and even if it was to women, am sure they would do the same and become stingy.

      Come to think of it, how long would you manage to stay with a man who can't take you out or to a picnic or to any leisure place or gift you at any time or even buy you anything. Imagine having a man who calculates the expenses you should make, makes sure he gives you the exact right amount, never gives you money for your own interests or he does but after a long struggle, argument or even with a thousand words of how he struggled to earn the money. Some men even go so far to the point of expecting money from women. This would be really fine especially if the woman works or earns a lot more than the husband, but in such a way that they both work together to take care of the family or the woman is interested in helping the man financially by her own will.

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Last but not least, stinginess affects a person's character and it will continue to hurt a relationship, starting with money arguments. Being stingy tends to develop into a lack of kindness, respect, and mutual care. Being stingy can give people a deep and lasting sense of deprivation, which can make them feel uneasy, suspicious, and eager for control.

  At the beginning of a romantic relationship, some people tend to hide this negative trait, while the relationship deepens, this trait will become more obvious, and at this time, the partner will usually think their partners have changed but they actually just tend to become so used to you and forget to hide their bad trait anymore. 

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Is It Fine Having A Stingy Man??

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