7 Best Free Web Hosting Sites To Start Your Website.

Building a website has emerged as the most effective way to get one’s message exposed to the world. Yet, while you are initially starting a website, you wouldn’t want to invest lots of money into the development. Most people always want something fast, easy, and cheap or free.

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There are lots of free web hosting sites/ companies within the market, however as a clever purchaser, you ought to understand that there's no such factor as free snack. There is relentlessly a plan because sustaining a hosting site requires plenty of cash. So the companies imparting free hosting services must make money by some means or they'll loose the business.

They see to that by using ads on your website, limiting your site traffic, inflicting downtime or selling their other services.

With the exception of a test website, it’s approximately a bad clue to use free website hosting.

But what if you are limited by the price range? Don’t fear, we have an answer for you in this article.

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The Best Free Web Hosting Sites

Even while free is good and no cost involving, it’s usually limited with regards to website hosting. With that already said, we have selected the Best Free Web Hosting Sites that one could begin with. These website hosting sites are a completely free to be able to use.

1. WordPress.com


WordPress.Com is a common free web hosting platform that gives a completely exclusive taste of WordPress. Not to be harassed with the WordPress.Org, which is the famous self-hosted site builder, WordPress.

WordPress.Com provides a free web hosting plan that accompanies you a wordpress.Com subdomain for example, Yourwebsitename.wordpress.com, storage worth 3GB and free templates.

This free hosting plan presentations ads on your website. You can advance to their paid plans to do away with ads, use a custom domain, and get extra features.

2. Google Cloud Hosting

Google Cloud Hosting

Google gives an extensive form of free hosting for small agencies and students.

Their plans are pay-per-use based, so it’s a smooth platform for students to get commenced. Google gives $300 free credit for new users that's adequate to sustain you for 1year. If you are simply searching out a free web hosting to use with test websites, then you obviously got the solution.

You can as well use Google Cloud to host any sort of site.

3.  Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Amazon Web Services, referred to as AWS runs some of the biggest websites worldwide. While it’s now not easily applicable for small businesses, it’s a remarkable platform for students and builders initially beginning.

Amazon gives 1-year free and continually free products on their AWS Free Tier which is by means one of the excellent free web hosting platform for test sites. Students can as well use Amazon’s powerful platform to learn and grasp their improvement competencies.

4. GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy Website Builder
GoDaddy is among the biggest domain name registrar and a very commonly used hosting platform worldwide.

It offers GoDaddy website builder that's a drag and drop website builder with templates. It is got as a 30day free trial and then you may upgrade to one in all their paid plans beginning from $5.99 per-month. It is quite less costly and very smooth to apply.

5. Wix

Wix is some other full-hosted website builder that gives free web hosting.

Similar to many free web hosting services, it is maintained through displaying ads and Wix.Com brandings on your free website. You can upgrade to their paid plans in order to get rid of the ads.

Their free plan offers you a wix.com subdomain, free templates, storage of 500MB and bandwidth of 500MB.

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6. Squarespace

Squarespace is also a common website builder that demands no technical capabilities. It gives exquisite expert templates and an in-built drag and drop interface.

It gives a limited 14day free website hosting trial. This gives you get entry to their website builder so that you can attempt its features. However, your website won’t go public until you join a paid plan.

Their paid plans begin at $12 per-month, each plan is accompanied with a free custom domain, unlimited bandwidth, storage, and templates.

7. Weebly

Weebly is another common free website builder that you may use for free web hosting. It consists of an in-built drag and drop builder and templates to create a website.

Their free plan includes a weebly subdomain, storage of 500 MB, and shows Weebly advertisements. You can improve to their paid plans to eliminate advertisements, get extra storage, and more features.

We hope this article helped you find The Best Free Web Hosting Sites to your subsequent task.

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