Updated 2022, How To Get Free Data worth 1GB On AIRTEL.

 How To Get Free Data worth 1GB On AIRTEL In 2022.

Data is really an essential for the smooth running of various activities over the Internet. Many Internet users possess different reasons and uses of data/internet bundles. However there might just be several factors affecting or leading to many users absences on the Internet.
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Firstly, we all cognizant with the aspect of free internet access /usage that many people are getting to adapt over the time. We have had a handful of posts regarding free internet access via V2rays client based apps and other tricks, nevertheless in this article, we shall not cover free internet access tricks but rather how to get 1GB free Data on Airtel. Yes! Free Airtel data worth 1GB, I mean how awesome that is! I hope you all excited about this post, okay without wasting any other of your time, let’s dive right into the heart of the tutorial.


Ø  Airtel sim card(UG)

Ø  A phone

Now, some of you might have been a little worried about the particular requirements necessary, however there is nothing much complex required for one to get the 1GB free Airtel data.

v  Step 1

Insert your Airtel sim card in the phone, ensure that this inserted sim card is at least 2weeks old or plus. Also you must have loaded a minimum of 5000shs in the past 2-4weeks.

v  Step 2

Open your dial pad as flexing your figures for at this particular step things get touchy.

v  Step 3

Then dial this exact code, *175*9*4*1#, after the processing, wait for a notification. A message from Airtel will be sent alerting that you have activated the double data and received 1GB data valid for 1Month.

v  Step 4

Check your data balance by dialing,*175*4# and boom! There you go, you just got yourself free Airtel data worth 1GB.

Remember this data can be used on each and every platform you want.

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