How To Use MTProto proxy in V2Ray/Vmess.

MTProto (Mobile Telegram Protocol) is a simple protocol developed by Nikolai Durov to enhance the usage of the Telegram messenger.

It’s been time and V2Ray has delivered a fresher gear of incoming and outgoing protocols beginning with the MTProto Proxy. MTProto proxy protocol was basically developed by Telegram and is most effectively used as a Telegram traffic proxy.

An easy configuration technique has been laid out to this proxy, however here's a greater complicated usage.


The fact that MTProto is a fixture of interceding incoming and outgoing, it honestly uses no features of V2Ray, inclusive of WebSocket and TLS. However one day if its allies is detected and blocked, easy collocations might not of usage.


In such a case, one might require installation of an integrated server within the firewall in order to receive MTProto incoming onto the exact server. With the extra help of VMess or any other protocols to switch the site traffic to the out of doors of the firewall, in order to lower the opportunity of getting blocked.

Now the question aching everyone shall be, “How is it then precisely configured it ?

Introductory, there may be no question approximately concerning the group of incoming and outgoing plus routing;

Now in case one has quite other VMess outgoing, for instance, he/she acquired an industrial VMess , think  of it like a configuration is as below:

Going on with connecting ‘’tg-out’’ to the ‘’vmess-out’’ bridge.
The technique is quite simple as you see, move on to adding one “tg-out’’ above ‘’proxySettings’’

In this manner, the site visits can be directed in a comparable form to ‘’tg-in <-> vmess-out <-> vmess-in <-> tg-out’’

V2Ray direction, there are quite different free combinations, if l say, one could use many other scripts in the structuring of transparent proxy famishment of transport. However the merit of the above method is that one can possibly take use of third-party  proxy . In this situation, there may be no manner to adjust the particular configuration within the proxy server.

 The given ‘’proxySettings’’ could be of help to comprehend the switch of any protocol minus enhancing the subsequent agent node, however its only basic editing the configuration of the contemporary node.

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